Why Growing Up with Cousins is a Wonderful and Needed Experience

Happy National Cousins’ Day! Do you have any happy and special memories with them? Sharing your childhood with your cousins has several advantages for kids, which they bring with them as they later become adults. Here are some ways cousins positively impact your children:

·  They’ll be your kids’ earliest friends. Most likely, their cousins would also be their longest in life. Probably because they understand each other better? Speaking of which…

·  They’ll understand your children’s problems with the family. Cousins will know more about their family situation than friends, so they quickly become confidantes.

·  They’re less annoying than siblings. Maybe because they’re not spending as much time with each other, unlike how brothers and sisters are stuck together under one roof 24/7. Also, there’s less rivalry between them. It just doesn’t come naturally as with siblings.

·  They’ll keep your kids busy during family gatherings. The one thing adults miss the most once they have kids is having spare time to relax and just be adults, not parents. As long as there are cousins, especially older ones, you’d have a couple hours more or less to yourselves.

·  They’ll always have someone rooting for them. You know your children will have someone in their corner for the rest of their lives. Having one or a few more won’t hurt.

Here are ways you can celebrate the day:

1.      Call your cousins. A simple phone call and genuinely wanting to know how they are would mean a lot. Your children will learn from you, including how to cherish relationships.

2.      Arrange a get-together! If you want them to spend time with their relatives, then the quickest way is to initiate and plan it.

3.      Have them write letters to each other. The wait in-between makes each mail unique and exciting. You can expand this to pieces of art and DIY projects they can make for each other.

Communities have changed from they used to be decades ago and relatives don’t live down the street from each other or within close blocks anymore. This makes efforts to let your children know their cousins so much more important. In a world where the rate of loneliness is fast increasing, bonds created early will matter even more.